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The Darien Telephone Company came into existence with humble beginnings.  In 1911, the Darien City Council issued a business franchise, giving permission to construct, maintain and operate telephone lines in the City of Darien.

For over 100 years, Darien Telephone Company has proudly been independently owned and operated. We live and work in your community and have our office in historic Darien. With roots over 100 years deep, we are committed to the local community. No other telecommunications company in our area can match our service on the local level.

Darien Telephone Executives

Darien Telephone Executive Team

From our humble beginnings with just a few lines and a manually operated switchboard, to dial service, and then to all-digital service, Darien Telephone has witnessed major technological changes over the past 100 years. With the addition of our subsidiary company, Darien Communications, our services have grown to include more than just Telephone Services. We provide Long Distance Service, Broadband & Networking, and Cable TV Services.

At Darien Telephone Company, We are proud to have a team of dedicated employees and thankful for loyal customers like you.

As we continue to witness technology improve at exponential rates, we look forward to what the next few years and decades will bring.

All of us at Darien Telephone Company look forward to being a part of history as we help shape the beginnings of our second century of serving you and the local community.

Mary Lou Forsyth

Mary Alice White
Vice President

Richard Jackson Thomas
Chief Financial Officer

David Stevens
Chief Operating Officer

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Amy Spinks

Mary Lou Forsyth

Jackson Thomas

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